VI MACI 2017

VI Congress on industrial, computational and applied Mathematics

Change of venue: the VI MACI will take place at the Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia San Juan Bosco. Directions here 


The VI Congress on industrial, computational and applied Mathematics will take place in Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina from the 2nd to the 5th of May, 2017. This event is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Eduardo Serrano.


  • Contribute to the development of novel methods and original mathematical techniques to solve critical problems arising in other fields of science (e.g., physical, natural, social), technology and industry.
  • Contribute to the transfer of mathematical knowledge to these areas.
  • Enable the exchange of information and ideas among scientists, technologists, engineers about the use of existing mathematical tools to solve real-life problems and to develop new tools when these do not exist.
  • Promote the development of human resources in all MACI areas, by attracting the interest of fellow mathematicians, professionals, doctoral students and young researchers.
  • Disseminate the role of Applied Mathematics and its relevance as an independent field of knowledge.


Researchers, professionals, undergraduate and graduates students of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Finance and Engineering among other related areas, interested in the development of mathematical methods and models motivated by problems motivated in the above mentioned fields.


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  • ASAMACI: Asociación Argentina de Matemática Aplicada, Computacional e Industrial.
  • AR-SIAM: Sección Argentina de SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics).
  • UNPSJB: Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia San Juan Bosco.

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The MACI congresses are held every two years in May of odd years since 2007. The previous events were:

  1. I MACI 2007, Córdoba.
  2. II MACI 2009, Rosario.
  3. III MACI 2011, Bahía Blanca.
  4. IV MACI 2013, Buenos Aires.
  5. V MACI 2015, Tandil.
Scientific Committee
  • Pablo Jacovkis (UNTREF-UBA, Ar).
  • Pablo Lotito (PLADEMA-UNCPBA, Ar).
  • Cristina Maciel (UNS, Ar).
  • Pablo Rodriguez (ICMC-USP, Br).
  • Horacio G. Rotstein (NJIT, EEUU).
  • Diana Rubio (UNSAM, Ar).
  • Gabriel Soto (UNPSJB, Ar).
  • Rubén D. Spies (IMAL CONICET-UNL, Ar).
  • Domingo A. Tazia (CONICET-UA, Ar).
Organizing Committee
  • Paola Bonfili (UNPSJB, Ar).
  • Nicolás Costa (UNPSJB, Ar).
  • Bernardo Marques (UNPSJB, Ar).
  • María de Gracia Mendonça (UNPSJB, Ar).
  • Hugo Montani (UNPA, Ar).
  • Cintia Negrette (UNPSJB, Ar).
  • Pablo Rodriguez (ICMC-USP, Br).
  • Horacio G. Rotstein (NJIT, EEUU).
  • Gabriel Soto (UNPSJB, Ar). Coordinador.
  • Graciela Sottosanto (UNaCo, Ar).
  • Sebastián Vidal (UNPSJB, Ar).
  • Nelson Villagra (UNPSJB, Ar).
Scientific Sessions
  1. Bio-mathematics.
    • Mercedes Pérez Millán
    • Silvia Menchón
  2. Mathematical Economics.
    • Alejandro Neme
  3. Differential Equations and Applications.
    • Mariano de Leo
    • Juan Pablo Agnelli
  4. Quantitative Finance.
    • Rodolfo Oviedo
    • Manuel Maurette
  5. Numerical Methods: Algorithms and Applications.
    • Ignacio Ojea
    • Adriana Pernich
  6. Operations Research and Applications.
    • Guillermo Durán
    • Javier Marenco
  7. Industrial Mathematics and Applications.
    • Adrián Will
    • Jorge Gotay
  8. Computational Mechanics.
    • Victorio Sonzogni
    • Martín Pucheta
  9. Interdisciplinary Mathematical Models.
    • Pablo Jacovkis
    • Rodrigo Castro
  10. Optimization Theory and Applications.
    • Cristina Maciel
    • Laura Schuverdt
  11. Probabilistic and Statistical Methods.
    • Beatriz Marrón
  12. Free Boundary Problems and Applications.
    • Claudia Lederman
    • Adriana Briozzo
  13. Inverse Problems and Applications.
    • Karina Temperini
    • María Inés Troparevsky
  14. Mathematical Problems in Continuum Mechanics.
    • Sergio Preidikman
    • Sergio Elaskar
  15. Signal and Image Processing.
    • Eduardo Serrano
    • Liliana Castro
  16. Dynamical Systems.
    • Ricardo Sánchez Peña
    • Guillermo La Mura
  17. Optimal Control Theory and Applications.
    • Laura Aragone
    • Pablo Lotito
  18. Heat and Mass Transfer.
    • Eduardo Santillán Marcus
    • Graciela Morales
  19. Computer vision.
    • Lucas Lo Vercio
    • Mariana del Fresno
  20. High-performance computing.
    • Juan Pablo D’Amato
    • Pablo Rinaldi
  21. Grade Student posters.
    • Marcela Fabio
    • Marcela Morvidone
  22. Graduate Student posters.
    • Marcela Fabio
    • Marcela Morvidone


  • John A. Burns - Interdisciplinary Center for Applied Mathematics - Virginia Tech, EEUU. Abstract
  • Alicia Dickenstein – Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Abstract
  • Avner Friedman – Ohio State University, EEUU. Abstract
  • Lorenzo Fusi – Università degli Studi di Firenze, Italia. Abstract
  • Rolf Jelstch - ICMC, San Carlos, Brasil - ETH Zürich, Suiza. Abstract
  • Francisco Louzada – Universidade de São Paulo, Brasil. Abstract
  • Hans Othmer – University of Minnesota, EEUU. Abstract
  • Fabio Rosso – Università degli Studi di Firenze, Italia. Abstract

Oral presentations: 15 min and 5 min for questions. The accepted papers will be published in Volume 6 of the journal Applied Mathematics, Computational and Industrial (MACI ISSN: 2314-3282) and accepted papers presented at the conference. At least one of the authors of the paper should be registered at the congress.


The authors of accepted papers in poster format will have a space for exhibition and participate in a contest. The best posters will be selected by ad-hoc judges.

  • Horacio Rotstein - New Jersey Institute of Technology. Abstract
    • Course date: Wednesday 9AM-11AM; Wednesday 3PM-5PM.
  • Pablo Rodriguez – Universidade de São Paulo. Abstract
    • Course date: Thursday 9AM-11AM; Thursday 3PM-5PM.
  • Graciela Sottosanto - Universidad Nacional del Comahue. Abstract
    • Course date: Tuesday 11AM-1PM; Tuesday 3PM-5PM
Important Dates
  • September 1, 2016: Submission opens.
  • February 10, 2017: Submission ends.
  • March 10, 2017:  Financial aid submission deadline.
  • March 15, 2017: Notification of acceptance.
  • Until March 26, 2017: Early registration.
  • May 2-5, 2017:  VI MACI 2017.
Author’s area (for sending contribution)

Papers should be written either in spanish or english and must have a two-page  minimun and a four-page maximum. MACI templates are below

Papers must be submitted in pdf format  through Open Conference System (OCS) prior registration.

OCS long link:

Further information please contact:

A step-by-step guide for paper submission through OCS here link

Registration and Fees

Registration Fees

until 03/26/2017since   03/27/2017
Undergraduate Argentine Students*220300
Graduate Argentine Students*350400
AR-SIAM Members12001400
ASAMACI Members8501000
Members from AR-SIAM + ASAMACI 650800
General Argentine Participants15001800
Foreign Undergraduate Students*US$ 30
Foreign Graduate Students*US$ 60
General Foreign ParticipantsUS$ 150

* Undergraduate and Graduate Students must present proof of their status to be considered in these categories.



Financial Aid

Financial support will be provided to:

  • Undergraduate students: priority will be given to paper and poster presenters, and to members of affiliated institutions of ASAMACI.
  • Researchers: must be
    1. member of AR-SIAM and associate ASAMACI over the last three years prior to the conference.
    2. author of a paper accepted for oral presentation



The Hotel Comodoro offers a 15% off on room rates for congress attendees. The discount is only valid when the reservation is made through the hotel´s website

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The Austral Hotel offers a 20% off on room rates for congress attendees. The discount is only valid when the reservation is made through the hotel´s website

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Congress Venue: Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia San Juan Bosco.


Aerolineas Argentinas is the Oficial Carrier of the Congress
Aerolineas Argentinas, as the Oficial Carrier, has no responsability on the organization, execution and any other activity related to this Congress
Congress code: MACI1

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