Posibilidad de doc/posdoc financiado en el New Jersey Institute of Technology

The Complex Flow and Soft Matter (CFSM) group within the Department of Mathematical Sciences (DMS) of New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), is advertising fully-funded Applied Mathematics PhD positions in the field of modeling and computations in soft matter and fluid dynamics. NJIT, located in Newark, NJ in the immediate vicinity of New York City (30 min by public transportation) provides a vibrant academic community and is classified as one of the 100 most active research institutions in the United States. The CFSM group ( provides a stimulating and supportive research environment with co-advising opportunities. New group members will have the opportunity to conduct research as part of a team that includes, in addition to the faculty, senior students who provide peer mentorship, facilitating fast research progress. Group members are strongly encouraged to publish their research and present novel results at high-profile conferences. Currently active fields of research include colloidal and particulate systems, flows of thin films, porous media flows, as well as collective behavior in active matter systems, approached using a variety of computational and analytical methods. Other research directions are possible, depending on students’ interests and skills. The group’s research has been supported in recent years by the National Science Foundation (NSF), NASA, DARPA, and other federal funding agencies. 

 Please note that all applications should be submitted directly to NJIT and directed to the DMS PhD program.  The type of financial support (research and/or teaching assistantships) for successful applicants, as well as participation in CFSM group activities, is contingent upon mutual agreement by the applicant, DMS and the CFSM group members. Note that DMS currently requires GRE (quantitative and verbal) as well as a language proficiency exam for overseas applicants from non-English speaking countries. For more details see the page linked here. Interested applicants are welcome to contact one of the faculty listed below. The application deadline for the PhD is December 15, but late applications may be considered. 

Faculty members of CFSM:

Linda Cummings

Lou Kondic

Anand Oza

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