Workshop on Shape and Topology Optimization with PDE Constraints

Workshop on Shape and Topology Optimization with PDE Constraints
In Celebration to the 65th Birthday of Professor Jan Sokolowski

August 11-15, 2014, LNCC / MCT, Petrópolis – Rio de Janeiro, BRASIL
Shape and Topology Optimization with PDE Constraints is an area of advanced research that has been recognized as a powerful framework applicable in optimization design and control, inverse problems and mechanical modeling. The purpose of the workshop is to celebrate the 65th Birthday of Professor Jan Sokolowski, who has made outstanding contributions to the field. The meeting will also serve naturally as a forum for presenting new theoretical developments and applications of Sensitivity Analysis in the following topics: Multidisciplinary Sensitivity Analysis; Optimal Design and Control; Multiobjective Optimization; Inverse Problems; Mechanical Modeling; Asymptotic Analysis; Image Processing; Free Boundary Problems and Optimization with PDE Constraints.
The programme of the meeting will consist mainly of talks by the following distinguished invited speakers:
Samuel Amstutz, France
Alfredo Canelas, Uruguay
Michel Delfour, Canada
Bojan Guzina, USA
Antoine Henrot, France
Michael Hintermüller, Germany
Irena Lasiecka, USA
Antoine Laurain, France
Günter Leugering, Germany
Alexandre Madureira, Brazil
Gustavo Perla, Brazil
Michel Pierre, France
Pavel Plotnikov, Russia
Jaime Rivera, Brazil
Nicolas Van Goethem, Italy
And also by the short courses below
An Introduction to the Topological Asymptotic AnalysisIn Portuguese
Professor Antonio André Novotny, LNCC/MCT,
Petrópolis, Brasil
Recent Advances on the Topological Asymptotic AnalysisIn English
Professor Jan Sokolowski, IECN, Nancy, France

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